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Arturo Veras
i need help with some conditions that i need.

i have 3 genes, placement with r*c genes, wattage with 2*r*c genes and height with 2*r*c genes.

the individuals that will form the parents of the next generation are selected with probability proportional to their fitness value.
one-point cross over, the point must be between two genes, placement and wattage.

this is my configuration class. i think this is correct but I'm not sure.

        GPConfiguration conf = new GPConfiguration();
        conf.setSelectionMethod((INaturalGPSelector) new WeightedRouletteSelector());
        conf.setFitnessEvaluator(new DefaultFitnessEvaluator()); //a higher fitness value is seen as fitter
        Fitness myFunc = new Fitness();
        Gene[] sampleGenes = new Gene[3];
        sampleGenes[0] = new FixedBinaryGene(conf, r * c); //placement
        sampleGenes[1] = new FixedBinaryGene(conf, 2 * r * c); // wattage
        sampleGenes[2] = new FixedBinaryGene(conf, 2 * r * c); // height


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