need more details of compositeGene and genetic operators

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need more details of compositeGene and genetic operators

Good morning

I’am a student in a doctorial school and I’m preparing a paper this month (if GOD willing of course)

I have a few questions if you don’t mind

In my program I will

1- Generate initial population and a defaultConfiguration //where my chromosomes is an array of CompositeGene ,each composite Gene is a list of IntegerGene  ,and I think this is OK

2- Fix a CrossOver rate

3- Choose  a random number V between(0,100)

4- If (V<Crossover Rate) then  we not will apply  the crossover operator
        Else we will apply the crossover

<b>How can we make that the crossover will not be in an iteration ??

      5-Fix the mutation rate

*Choose a random number M between (0,100)

6- If (M< Mutation Rate) then  we will not apply  the mutation operator
        Else we will  apply the mutation (choose a random number of chromosomes to mutate, a random choice of chromosome,a random choice for the CompositeGene, a random choice of    Gene in  the CompositeGene that it was  choose  )

Can you please tell me how to do this ??is it the way of mutation in CompositeGene???

Am I need to specify my own operator, I took a look on the javadocs but I didn’t find a lot of information about mutation in the case of CompositeGene ???

I feel lost with Operate,doCrossover,applygeneticOperator,…… I really don’t know what’s the appropriate in my case  ???

As a selector I will use  “WeightedRouletteSelector “,when I made

conf.addNaturalSelector(new WeightedRouletteSelector(conf), false);

I apply this selector, that’s it??or I need an applyOperator???  

My last question is how to say that a chromosome will be one of the next generation ?is it automatically when we make

For(int i=0;i<nbr_iteration;i++){Genotype.evolve();}

sorry for my english ,i am trying to improuve my skills

Best regards

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