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help jgap

Leonardo Guedes
I'm trying to use jgap to build a fitness function and a chromossome, and then use jgap to do the rest of the work. My doubt is: what do I need to put in the directory of  my project classes to recognize the jgap classes?? What do I need to get from the jgap.zip file and put in my project??
I've put the jgap.jar file together with my classes, but it does not work. I've done that because in the readme file is written: "2. Simply add the jgap.jar to your classpath."

when I try to import with

import org.jgap.Chromosome;
import org.jgap.FitnessFunction;

I have the following errors:

C:\Java\IA\src\ia\Main.java:2: package org.jgap does not exist
import org.jgap.Chromosome;
C:\Java\IA\src\ia\Main.java:3: package org.jgap does not exist
import org.jgap.FitnessFunction;

Please, any help will be very usefull