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constraint based jgap

Naeem Shakir
sir my code is like this

        Configuration conf=new DefaultConfiguration();
    FitnessFunction fun=new func();
    Gene [] gene=new Gene[8];
  gene[0]=new DoubleGene(conf,85,setRange(0.928,0.91,0.0,400)); //makeup gene
    gene[1]=new DoubleGene(conf,307,320);//recycle
     gene[2]=new DoubleGene(conf,90,setRange(0.876,0.85,0.0,600));//makeup gene
    gene[3]=new DoubleGene(conf,455,470);//recycle
    gene[4]=new DoubleGene(conf,11,15);//makeup gene
    gene[5]=new DoubleGene(conf,187,200);//recycle
    gene[6]=new DoubleGene(conf,40,50);//makeup gene
    gene[7]=new DoubleGene(conf,187,200)//recycle;
Sir when i set lower bound like above it satisfy the equcation below,but when i set lower bound to 0 equation is not satisfied.Search space is increased.please help me to find out result in search space.

        Chromosome sampleChromosome = new Chromosome(conf, gene );
                conf.setPopulationSize( 400 );
        return Genotype.randomInitialGenotype( conf );
   public double setRange(double sinkPurity,double sourcePurity,double fuel,double inputFlow){
       double makeUp;
       return makeUp;

I am interested in values of genes that must full fill an equation


it does not satisfy the above equation.

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