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Require suggestion for given problem.

Patel, Nachiket R. - EITL (HAZ)



We are developing system for stacking Circle Cylinder shape items on containers. (Like coin stack..)
And this problem have many constraints based on container type. (i.e Weight, Diameter, Type, Color)
We have defined these constraints into two categories . Hard and Soft (From analogy of JBoss Drools Solver, I tried it before JGAP)

Hard constraints are compulsory. If it does not fulfills then solution cannot be determined.
Soft constraints are constraints which should be optimized (I have set to Lower score means better score)

And Input will be “List of Containers” and “List of Cylinders”. Usual input will be 10 to 30 Cylinders and 4 to 8 containers
And Output should be filling up all the containers + [remaining unassigned cylinders] OR using all the cylinders
[AND Hard constraints must be adhered and soft constrains should be near to optimum]

Right now, I am giving Hard constraint much higher fitness then soft constraint. So if ONE hard constraint is broken then fitness will be say 30000, and if ONE soft constraint is broken then fitness will be 2500

Let me give you a hypothetical example for better understanding.
C1[height: 5,diameter:6,group-A],
C2[height: 7,diameter:4,group-B] ,
C3[height: 3,diameter:3,group-D],
C4[height: 4,diameter:8,group-C],
C5[height: 2,diameter:6,group-A],
C6[height: 8,diameter:9,group-A],
C7[height: 3,diameter:2,group-D]
C8[height: 6,diameter:2,group-B]

CON1[max-diameter:5, height: 10, max-capacity:3],
CON2[max-diameter:5, height: 10, max-capacity:3],
CON3[max-diameter:10, height: 8, max-capacity:3],
CON4[max-diameter:10, height: 8, max-capacity:3],

Hard Constraints
1. Container height
2. Container diameter
3. Max capacity

Soft Constraints
1. Minimum capacity wastage of containers
2. Lower diameter circle cannot be placed on higher diameter circle (i.e C3 on layer-1 and C2 on layer-2 should be avoided)
3. Circles with group [A,B] or [C,D] should be kept in one base. (i.e. rather than putting C1,C3 together prefer, C1,C5 together)

So in above detail, Input is CIRCLES + CONTAINERS and output should be (it’s just a representation, not a proper solution);
CON1 [0:C1, 1:C5,2:C6], (0,1,2 denotes layers)
CON2 [0:C2, 1:C4,2:C7],
CON3 [0:C3, 1:C5]
CON4 []

In this result, CON4 will be empty.. as there are no Circles available.
Sometimes in input number of circles are more around 30 and number of Containers are lesser (like 3 or 4) so, in that case.. elements list will remain unassigned.

I am maintaining a index based list and mapping it with IntegerGene. So if my chromosome is [2,4,6,1,0,3,5] then I’ll create a new List<Cylinder> for fitness calculation.


Fitness calculation function

It start filling Containers based on height and weight capacity. From given List<Cylinder> (which is created based on chromosome). After setting all Cylinders in Containers. Fitness value will be calculated on wastage of weight capacity and height capacity.

So please suggest better options for my settings. Here is my configuration.

Configuration gaConf = new DefaultConfiguration();
gaConf.setFitnessEvaluator(new DeltaFitnessEvaluator());


MutationOperator swapper = new SwappingMutationOperator(gaConf);


IChromosome sampleChromosome = new Chromosome(config, new IntegerGene(config), chromozomeSize);
Genotype genotype = Genotype.randomInitialGenotype(config);
List chromosomes = genotype.getPopulation().getChromosomes();
for (Object chromosome : chromosomes) {
     IChromosome chrom = (IChromosome) chromosome;
     for (int j = 0; j < chrom.size(); j++) {
         Gene gene = chrom.getGene(j);

·         Is my configuration okay? OR I am missing something?

·         Is IntegerGene appropriate for this problem?

·         I am only using SwappingMutationOperation.

But after 100 to 120 number of evolutions.. I do not get better fitness chromosome.

Please let me know if you required more information..



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27th km, Surat Hazira Road, Hazira - 394270 |
T +91 9925241444 | +91 0261 2240904 |
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