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Jakub Siberski

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From: Klaus Meffert <[hidden email]>
Date: Sun, Jan 10, 2010 at 5:10 PM
Subject: RE: [jgap-users] evolution statistical data
To: Jakub Siberski <[hidden email]>

OK, I sort of understand what you plan to do. I think the current (newest) developments added go beyond what you need.
Please take a look at class org.jgap.audit.EvolutionMonitor and at class org.jgap.audit.EvolutionEvaluator (which has a main class).
EvolutionMonitor gathers the data, this is what you need. Please notice the extensive Javadoc at class level, also see Genotype.evolve(IEvolutionMonitor a_monitor) to get an idea of when methods "start" and "nextCycle" of the monitor are called. In method event of EvolutionMonitor the action happens as there the events are evaluated.
In EvolutionEvaluator and the example called from there (see main method) you find how to activate monitoring. Forget about the rest of the class (this is what I mean with being "beyond" your requirements, as the data is gathered over a whole application run).
If you want to run EvolutionEvaluator.main(...), then you should use JVM options like:
-Xmx512M -XX:MaxPermSize=100M
Please notice: EvolutionMonitor just gatheres data, compresses it somehow, but does not currently display anything (this will follow at time).
You need to check out the latest sources from CVS to get the thing running.
If you have questions or something does not work as expected, please call.

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