Question about setStartOffset in SalesMan

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Question about setStartOffset in SalesMan

Ashish Kulkarni-2
Can some one please explain how does setStartOffset work, and where do i set it

For example i have places A B C D E F G

so by default A will not be swaped as it should be the starting point,

so suppose if i want to have G as my last place can i put


and this will make A and G as non swapping cities? or will it make only G as not swapping.

Can i also add


to make A D and G as not swapping places,

Second question i have is where in my program set them,
for example if i have

public class MyTravellingSalesMan extends Salesman

private String []allFormats;
private GetTotalTimeFromList getTotalTimeFromList;
public JGapTravellingSalesManOptimization(GetTotalTimeFromList _getTotalTimeFromList, String [] _allFormats)throws Exception
logger = Logger.getLogger (this.getClass().getName());
this.allFormats = _allFormats;
this.getTotalTimeFromList = _getTotalTimeFromList;


Will this work


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