Problem with WeightedRouletteSelector

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Problem with WeightedRouletteSelector

Thomas Kluth-2
Hello dear JGAP-Developers,

we are using the JGAP-Framework for a project in computer science. The
aim of the project is quite similar to the mona-lisa example - but we
are using lines and not polygons.
Our program is not working good right now, so we started to experiment
with the JGAP-Configuration and experienced a problem (maybe a bug). The
constructor of the WeightedRouletteSelector seems not to return. It's
kind of strange, because there is no Exception thrown, but the program
doesn't go on.

I wrote these two lines to create a new RouletteSelector (like
BestChromosomesSelector and TournamentSelector, which are working):

WeightedRouletteSelector rouletteSelector = new
genoConf.addNaturalSelector(rouletteSelector, false);

genoConf is the Configuration Object. The program does not reach the
second line.

If you need more informations, please tell me.
Or if I made something wrong: please tell me ;)

Best regards,
Thomas Kluth

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Re: Problem with WeightedRouletteSelector

Angela María
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Hello Thomas.

Did you solve it?