Need help with solving my problem with JGAP

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Need help with solving my problem with JGAP

Ashish Kulkarni-2
I need to find the optimal path between some points, i know the total time between each combination
Suppose i have points A B C D E F G H
and i know the distance between
etc, for all the points, now i want to find the fastest route if i have to go from A to H or B - D
So i know my starting point and my ending point, and i want to find the optimal path between them.

But i am having problem solving it, as the solution i get starts with the starting point but ends with a different point all the time, what am i missing or did wrong

I am attaching 3 java source files along this mail, you can download and complile them with JGAP 3.2.2 in classpath.
I have also attached jar file with source and classes so you can run it directly creates the sample data for from to values creates the solutions and returns getOptimizedList the optimal array as answer calles TestSalesManSolution 2 times passing the Array of places.

If you can help me understand what i am missing would be a real help


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