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Need help for super gene

Naeem Shakir

I am using super genes in my project.My code is like


    Configuration conf = new DefaultConfiguration();

    FitnessFunction fun=new func();



    Gene [] gene=new Gene[3];

    gene[0]=new DoubleGene(conf,0,350));

    gene[1]=new DoubleGene(conf,00,350);

    gene[2]=new DoubleGene(conf,0,699));

   gene[3]=new unitB(conf, new Gene[]{

     new DoubleGene(conf,0,300)),

    new DoubleGene(conf,0,500)});


    Chromosome sampleChromosome = new Chromosome(conf, gene );


    conf.setPopulationSize( 1000 );

        Genotype genotype =Genotype.randomInitialGenotype( conf );


I am getting problem an error in last line of code when I run my project. Can someone help me how can I figure out problem.

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