MathProblem - Multiple X (input) values?

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MathProblem - Multiple X (input) values?


I'm working with the MathProblem example, but I can't figure out how to have several input variables -- for example instead of just "X", have two variables X1, X2 such that Y = X1 * X2. I added the variable vx2 to the nodeSets but when I print out the optimal solution, it just contains "X1" and not "X2". Please advise.

    CommandGene[][] nodeSets = { {
        // We use a variable that can be set in the fitness function.
        // ----------------------------------------------------------
    vx1 = Variable.create(conf, "X1", CommandGene.FloatClass),
    vx2 = Variable.create(conf, "X2", CommandGene.FloatClass),

Thank you!!