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Gianpaolo Valero

     Next monday I have to turned in a java project for acadamy porpuse that uses GABIL. Actually I'm using GABIL to do machine learning. 

     First of all, for what i've seen JGAP is a nice package for solvin almost every genetic problem. Although it doesn't seem to work with GABIL framework. 

     The basis of GABIL is that chromosomes are not fixed-length. That is, that every chromosomes can have different numbers of genes. I've looked around in your code and i noticed that your BaseChromosome and IChromosome worked with arrays of genes. Is too dificult to change this classes to work whith vector or ArrayList for example?. If not, how to do that?. If it is, Do you know where I can find a package that handles GABIL solving methods?.

     Thanks for your time, and i'll keep looking into your code to see if there is a way I can do what i wan.

Sincerely yours,
Gianpaolo A. Valero @Venezuela

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