Avoiding "Unordered" Duplicate Chromosomes

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Avoiding "Unordered" Duplicate Chromosomes

Massimiliano Sartirana - Crea
For the problem i'm trying to solve with JGAP i've a Chromosome made by

In my problem the order of the genes doesn't count (1 2 3 4  is the same
solution as 1 3 2 4  or 4 1 2 3 ...)

So after the run , if I order the results by fitness, I end up with a
lot of chromosomes representing the same solution with the same fitness...

I avoid the "ordered" (identical) duplicates using the

|  BestChromosomesSelector with||  setDoubletteChromosomesAllowed(false);|

But Is there a way to avoid the generation of "unordered" duplicates?

More details:
If it can help, actually the problem I'm trying to solve is the one of
finding some lists of N similar couples of objects in a pool of M objects.
(cardinality : for example 30 couples on 100 objects, or 10 on 50 or 40
on 1000... )

A list of couples is represented by a chromosome.

I've a similarity matrix that I use as fitness function  ...
I have N integer genes which values represent the "index" of the couples
in a list of all the couples.
1:[A,B] 2:[A,C] 3:[A,D] 4:[B,C] 5:[B,D] 6:[C,D]

so for example  the chromosomes  :
{2,5} represents the list : {[A,C][B,D]}
{1,6} represents the list : {[A,B][C,D]}

So I have to avoid those cases:

- [A,B][B,A] : in the list the couples are "ordered" so i don't have
this case. (OK)
- [A,A ] genes  or   [ A, B] [B,C] couples (avoid it by setting
fitness=0 to the chromosomes with duplicate objects or using Supergene) (OK)
- Chromosome1: {[A,B][C,D]} , Chromosome2:  {[A,B][C,D]} duplicates (i
avoid it with BestChromosomeSelector) (OK)

-Now I need to avoid the case : Chromosome1 {[A B][C D]} ,
Chromosome2:{[C D][A B]}  how can I do it ?

Thank you,


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