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Klaus Meffert

Hello Camellia,

the answer to your first question is: yes, there should be no problem in using just one supergene. You could also use a CompositeGene instead if the genes inside the supergene are not correlated directly (i.e. if gene 0 has value x, gene 1 can have only values a or b...).

Could you explain a bit more what you mean in your second question with "is called just once"? One explanation I could give is that for genes not being mutated their fitness value needs no recomputation and thus the fitness function is not called for them.



hi ,
I'am a beginner using JGAP. I have encounter some problems.
1- is it ok using a chromose having just one supergene?. such as :
  MySuperGene[] sampleGenes = new MySuperGene[1]; // MySuperGene extends 
                                                                                  // abstractSupergene
  integerGene[] genes = new IntegerGene[2];
  genes[0] = new IntegerGene(0,numOfTasks);
  genes[0].setAllele(new Integer(1));
  genes[1] = new IntegerGene(0,numOfTasks);
  genes[1].setAllele(new Integer(2));
  sampleGenes[0] = new MySuperGene(genes);
  Chromosome myChromosome = new Chromosome(sampleGenes);
2. why fitness function is called just once when evolving population with size more than one ?
waiting fir reply.
tanx alot.
camellia :)

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